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The hot summer sun in Melbourne is nothing to mess around with, so adding a pergola over a deck or patio space is a great way to provide much-needed shade to your property. If you have an old pergola that needs to be replaced, or simply removed for another reason, our pergola removal service will make quick work of the job. Fill out our form today to get a free quote from Stripouts Melbourne.

Avoid a Mess

Plenty of contractors in and around Melbourne will offer you a quote for pergola removal work. And, of course, nearly all of them can successfully complete the task of taking down a pergola and hauling away the remains. But how will that work be done, and will those other contractors respect your property appropriately?

At Stripouts Melbourne, we take great care to do our work the right way. We want to completely remove the pergola and all of its components, but we also want to be sure not to damage anything else in the area. We are a professional team, and the quality of our work has impressed clients in Melbourne for many years.

Nothing Complicated About It

As you stand and look at your old pergola, wondering how it can be brought down safely, you might be a little intimidated by the scope or scale of the project. Fortunately, Stripouts Melbourne has been accumulating experience for a decade and are ready to tackle exactly this kind of job.

• Once contacted, we will prepare a free quote for you to consider

• Our team will work with you to discuss and work around any challenges that are expected during the project

• The entire pergola structure will be safely taken down and the pieces will be hauled away for disposal

• We’ll clean up the site so you can move on with the next phase of the project you have planned

We Offer Fast Results

Not only can you expect Stripouts Melbourne to take care of this project without any trouble, but we’ll also deliver on a quick timeline for the job. Our ability to remove your pergola promptly is due not only to our experience, but also the collection of tools that we have available to perform the work.

So, what’s the first step? That’s easy – contact us today, either by filling out the form here on our site or by giving us a call. Once you are connected with a member of our team, we can sort out the details and take care of this task for you. Thanks for visiting Stripouts Melbourne!

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