Looking for a Stripout & Defits company in South Yarra?

Are you stripping out a retail store or an office? Call Stripouts Melbourne for the best quote on your defitting or removal job, anywhere in the city.

Stripouts Melbourne caters to all residential and commercial properties, anywhere in Melbourne. We’ll Stripout your space, and get rid of the rubble, in as short a time as possible.


What Is a Stripout?

A Stripout involves removing all the fittings in a retail store, apartment, or commercial space. Stripouts include removing all the components of the area. However, we leave the critical infrastructure like the electrics and plumbing for the next tenant.

A Stripout helps prepare the space for a new tenant or owner, requiring a professional for the job. Stripouts Melbourne offers you a trusted service for your defitment needs.


Why Do I Need a Stripout?

You could need a Stripout for various reasons. Maybe your lease expired at your retail store? Perhaps you’re renovating your home? Whatever the reason, Stripouts Melbourne can handle any size job.


Defits By Metro Defits

Office Defits – If you’re moving in or out of offices, call Stripouts Melbourne to help you defit your office in preparation for occupation.

Retail Defits – If you have a retail store, the tenant usually must defit the shop before they leave. Call Stripouts Melbourne for a free quote.

End-of-Lease Defits – When your lease expires, check the terms to see who’s responsible for the defit. Stripouts Melbourne accommodates landlords, building managers, and tenants with professional stripout services.

Shop Defits – Whether you’re changing locations or opening a new shop, call Stripouts Melbourne for assistance with your defit.

Shopping Centre Defits – Stripouts Melbourne works with shopping center management teams to conduct fast and efficient Stripouts.

Factory and Warehouse Defits – Are you leaving your factory or moving into a new space. Contact Stripouts Melbourne to get your factory or warehouse ready for occupation.


Stripouts by Metro Defits

Bathroom Removal – Remodeling the bathroom? Call Stripouts Melbourne for a quote on stripping and removing your old bathroom.

Kitchen Removal – Clear out your old kitchen and install something new with Stripouts Melbourne.

Swimming Pool Removal – Do you have a swimming pool no-one uses? Save yourself money and get Stripouts Melbourne to remove it from your property.

Wall Staircase Removal – Stripouts Melbourne specializes in removing hazardous staircases.

Decking Removal – Let us remove your old weathered and warped deck. We’ll recycle all the wood for you without sustainable materials partners.

Carport and Garage Removal – Get Stripouts Melbourne to remove that unsightly rusted carport. We also remove garage structures.

Pergola Removal – Tear down that old pergola with Stripouts Melbourne. Prepare your patio for a new awning or shade structure.

Flooring Removal – Let Stripouts Melbourne tear up your old flooring in preparation for a renovation.


Why Choose Stripouts Melbourne by Metro Defits?

When you work with Stripouts Melbourne, you’re getting the best partner in Australia for your defit or removal. Some of the benefits of working with Stripouts Melbourne include the following.

Ethical and transparent quotes – At Stripouts Melbourne, we offer an ethical and honest service. Our quoting system is transparent, with no hidden charges. The price you see is the price you pay – no exceptions.

Professional Service – All our technicians and demolition experts have years of experience in defitting residential and commercial spaces. We get the job finished fast and remove all the rubble, leaving your site clean.

The latest technology – We use innovative air filtration and dust extraction equipment to ensure we don’t cause any mess and meet regulatory and safety standards.

On time, everytime! – Our team knows what to do. We have a systematic approach to defitting spaces, providing results in half the time of our competitors.

Fully Insured – Our business is licensed and fully insured. We want our customers to have total peace-of-mind when they hire us to do the job.

Guaranteed results – At Stripouts Melbourne, we take pride in our work. We offer you a guaranteed result on your Stripout.

Trusted by Leading Brands – Stripouts Melbourne works with leading Australian companies and brands. LendLease, Vicinity Centers, and Myer all rely on Stripouts Melbourne for their defitment requirements.


What Other Services Do Metro Defits Provide?

Concrete Removal – We remove concrete structures from commercial and residential properties. We also clear all the rubble, preparing the area or surface for renovation.

Floor Preparation – We offer concrete grinding services to level your floors and remove old debris and adhesives. Let us flatten your floor and prepare it for new tiles. We also provide dust sealing and treatment of bare concrete surfaces in garages and outdoor areas.

Tile Removal – Let us break out your old tiles and prepare your floors and walls for refurbishment. We work with commercial and residential tiling applications. We have the tools and expertise to remove any adhesive material from your floors.


Stripouts Melbourne – Which Areas Do You Service?

Stripouts Melbourne covers every suburb and town across the city of Melbourne. From Newport in the east to Brighton on the Bayside Peninsula, Stripouts Melbourne is available to handle your defit.

Contact our service team and enquire about a quote for your property. We’ll either give you an estimate over the phone or send a consultant to your site for an expert estimate you can trust.


Stripouts Melbourne – Work with the Professionals

Stripouts Melbourne is a service provided by Metro Defits. We specialise in servicing commercial and residential properties anywhere in Melbourne.

Our team has the training and industry knowledge you need for an effective Stripout and removal.

We have a solid reputation in Melbourne as the leading Defitment company in the city.


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Choose Stripouts Melbourne for your contracting service, and work with the professionals.