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There are few features on a residential or commercial property that attract as much attention as a swimming pool. To be sure, in the middle of a hot Melbourne summer, having a swimming pool available is a beautiful thing. At some point, however, an old pool may no longer be wanted. In that case, it’ll need to come out of the ground – and that can be a daunting task.

For professional swimming pool removal service, contact Stripouts Melbourne today. We can make quick work of this potentially challenging task, allowing you to move on with either the installation of a new pool or another project.

A Complicated Project

Far from just a hole in the ground filled with water, modern swimming pools are rather complex and feature a number of different components. When taking out an old pool, those components must be dealt with one at a time. This is why it’s best to have an experienced, professional team working on the job – Stripouts Melbourne has dealt with the challenges presented by a swimming pool defit plenty of times previously, and our team will exceed your expectations as a result.

We Do It All

The team at Stripouts Melbourne is not simply going to take a jackhammer to your old pool and then call it day. On the contrary, our professional service takes care of pool removal from top to bottom, including all of the various elements that other contractors may miss.

• An upfront quote for our services will be provided before any work is performed

• The plumbing components of the pool will be removed

• Any pool surround materials, like pavers or fencing, will be taken out

• The pool itself will then be taken apart using the appropriate tools based on the material and condition of the pool

• We will carefully clean up the site and haul away the debris that has been created

Going from a pool in the ground to a blank space that you can use for a variety of purposes is an exciting transformation. This is the kind of job that could drag on for weeks or months if you tried to tackle it alone, but our team is uniquely prepared for the task.

Trust the Pros at Stripouts Melbourne

We would love to work with you on an upcoming swimming pool removal project, but the first move is yours. Fill out the form here on our site to request a quote and our team will be in touch with you shortly.

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